Beaux Rêves

Located in the Isère River valley, within the small hamlet of Chatte, Beaux Rêves offers access to the easy pace of life in a rural French village, while allowing for ease of access to explore the countryside.  Near the borders of both Switzerland and Italy, this largely rural area known for it’s rich history and natural beauty provides the visitor with an authentically French experience not typically found in the major centers of tourism.  Filled with small farms, walnut plantations, pre-renaissance era architecture, alpine ski stations, scenic villages, and lively urban centers, the Dauphine holds something for everyone.

While enjoying a stay at Beaux Rêves, you can start your day with fresh bread and pastries from one of the local Boulangeries to be found just outside your door.  There are several marked trails which pass through the village allowing for a leisurely stroll through rolling hills.  Or you could spend the morning in the town square beneath the sycamore trees.   

On Saturday mornings, a short trip (3 km) into the nearby main town of Saint Marcellin will reveal a delightful open air market filled with fresh produce, local cheeses and regional specialty foods, as well as linens, clothing, and other wares typical to the area.  If you care to venture farther out of town, you might  find yourself exploring the Vercors mountains.  Visible from your bedroom window at Beaux Rêves, these nearby mountains offer many scenic vistas, picturesque villages, marked hiking trails, nature preserves, world renowned caves and ski stations.

Known historically as the Dauphiné, this region of France includes the present departments ofIsère, Drôme, and Hautes-Alps.   During the Middle Ages, the heir to the French throne, or Dauphin, ruled the region.  The Vercors Mountains, rising above the Isere River, served as home to the French Resistance movement during WW II.


Nearby Grenoble, host city of past Winter Olympic Games, is just a short drive up the Isère River.  Nestled below the Alpine peaks of the Chartreuse Mountains, this vibrant city provides an exciting juxtaposition of cosmopolitan chic and cultural heritage.  Several noteworthy museums, live theatre, and other cultural venues,  combine with a selection of fine restaurants and a thriving nightlife to make a visit to this city a memorable part of your stay at Beaux Rêves.

The house is set in the historic heart of a 13th Century village in Southern France.